Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 2

  This post is part of mainframe diagnosis series.  Today we will discuss about diagnostic dumps.  This post is part 2 of the series.  Check part 1 post here Dumps provide very useful diagnostic data related to the problem.  The problem could be in operating system, subsystem (example DB2,CICS etc), hardware or application.  A problem may … Continue reading Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 2

Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 1

In this series, we will discuss various topics related to mainframe z/OS problem diagnosis. In this article part1, I will give an overview fundamentals and in later articles we will discuss in depth. To diagnose a problem, mainframe provides you with logs, dumps, traces and messages. Logs Console log Messages issued at console intended for operator. SYSLOG … Continue reading Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 1

Capping in z systems – Part 1

Today we dwell into one of the exciting topic in the mainframe world its "Capping". What is capping? Capping controls the amount of CPU consumption by an IBM z System logical partition LPAR.  In this context, CPU here is general purpose CPU and not a specialty processors like z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP),  Integrated Facility … Continue reading Capping in z systems – Part 1