Country Multiplex Pricing CMP

If you are into Sub-Capacity MLC Single Version Charging (SVC) then you need to aware of this new reporting from IBM.  Country Multiplex Pricing CMP!

Check IBM Announcement letter here – Country Multiplex Pricing  and from FAQ

Here is what the announcement says:

A Multiplex is the collection of all eligible IBM z Systems machines or sysplexes or both within a single country, measured as one machine for purposes of software sub-capacity reporting. Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) V23 R10 or later will be able to generate a Multiplex report providing sub-capacity program utilization peaks across all machines in the Multiplex simultaneously, as opposed to separate peaks by machine, which is how SCRT works in a non-Multiplex environment

Shifting to CMP brings flexibility, simplicity, and growth going forward. Selecting this offering transitions a client’s existing software pricing structure to the new model, which includes the establishment of an MLC and MSU baseline for each program. Pricing for all sub-capacity eligible programs will be implemented with the new CMLC price metric, or with the new MzNALC price metric for zNALC customers migrating to CMP.

Few interesting things are highlighted for your attention:

  • Clients will be required to submit a monthly Multiplex report using the latest version of SCRT
  • There are no changes to the way Defined Capacity and Group Capacity Limits work in a Multiplex environment. z/OS capping support has always been limited to the appropriate LPARs on a single machine, there is no support for Group capping across a machine boundary. Any capping which is defined will be respected the same way in both Sub-Capacity Reports and Multiplex Reports created by SCRT V23R10 and later.
  • CMP also provides the flexibility to move and run work anywhere with the elimination of Sysplex aggregation pricing rules
  • In addition, it can provide savings on growth since the cost of growth per MSU for a given sub-capacity program, will be based on the total Multiplex MSUs and the applicable MSU tier for that level of MSUs. This will become the single price point for growth in the country regardless of where the workload runs within the Multiplex
  • CMP is not a cost reduction offering, and clients should not expect it to reduce their bill. CMP is about providing flexibility to leverage all of a client’s IBM z Systems™ capacity in a given country as well as providing savings on growth going forward.

However it has few restriction.

  • Clients may have only one Multiplex per country and a Multiplex may not span country borders.
  • Machines eligible to be included in a new Multiplex cannot be older than two generations prior to the most recently available server at the time a client first implements a Multiplex
  • Clients are not eligible for CMP until machines with eligible operating systems (along with any associated CBU machines) that are older than generation N-2 are upgraded, or that workload is transferred to eligible machines, or the older ineligible machines are converted to no longer run z/OS nor z/TPF software.
  • The following types of servers will not be included in a Multiplex and will continue to be licensed, reported, and billed according to their applicable non-CMP terms:


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