Shortage of Mainfarmes talent. Is it real?

It is fact that there is shortage of mainframes talent.  Many mainframe engineers  who worked for years are retiring and there is lack of young engineers stepping in!

Many surveys over the years reveal that there is real concern of shortage of talent.
Survey the white paper titled, “‘The New World of Mainframes’ CIO Survey: Mapping the Platform’s Future in a Mobile, Big Data World.” and The recent compuware survey  made following key findings:

Key survey findings from 350 enterprise CIOs:

  • 88% believe the mainframe will be a key business asset over the next decade
  • 78% see the mainframe as a key enabler of innovation
  • 70% are concerned about knowledge transfer and risk
  • 39% have no explicit plans for addressing mainframe developer shortages
  • 70% are surprised by how much additional work and money is required to ensure new platforms and applications match the security provided by the mainframe

That is indeed a big concern. An industry so robust and secure lacks significant skilled professional.

I think the big problem is lack of mainframe course work at Universities. When I started to look for a mainframe career 10 years ago, I found very limited options.  BTW i did graduated from Northern Illinois University which at the time had on of the best mainframe teaching curriculum.  Back to the problem, first the course work needs to offered at various universities for student to enroll.   2nd companies should start recruiting young graduates and mentor them while we still have access to old timer.

What do you guys think? what solutions you think works best?

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