Mainframe Job Types

I get this question asked several times. What kind of jobs does IBM mainframes offer? For starters, mainframe computers are large, multi-processor computing devices able to perform thousands of tasks every second. Mainframes that are now the size of your refrigerator run the most critical work of our top industries today. This includes large financial …

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z/OS software support lifecycle policy

As of Sep 30 2016, z/OS  V1.13 support ends. What this means is, if you ran into issues using this release you will not get help from IBM.  Your option is to move to latest release of z/OS. There are 2 types of support life cycles policies. 3+2 support policy:  This is called standard support. …

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What? Innovation in Mainframes?

Yes my friends. Innovation in mainframes is happening right here in Silicon Valley at BMC Software. While everyone is chasing the next big, disruptive unicorn like Uber or Airbnb, BMC engineers are quietly disrupting the mainframe industry with new customer-driven innovation. Curiously, most non-mainframe technology professionals are unaware of opportunities to innovate on mainframe software. …

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List of Universities offering mainframe courses

Following up on my last post on shortage of mainframe professional, I researched on the list of university that currently offers mainframe courses. I believe this is crucial step in building young generation of mainframe professionals.  Below link has full list of universities that offer mainframe courses: Here is the list form Illinois: Illinois …

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