Capping in z systems – Part 1

Today we dwell into one of the exciting topic in the mainframe world its "Capping". What is capping? Capping controls the amount of CPU consumption by an IBM z System logical partition LPAR.  In this context, CPU here is general purpose CPU and not a specialty processors like z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP),  Integrated Facility …

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Master the Mainframe

Have you heard of Master the Mainframe contest? Its a contest that encourages students to develop mainframe skills.  Its part of IBM z System Academic which provides mainframes training and resources to students at schools worldwide. These contests are hosted around the world. If you don't have a contest near your region, you can participate …

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What Operating systems Mainframes run?

I was asked this question last week while I was riding with Scoop ride sharing service.[BTW scoop is great service. If you want to try it out then use my referral code HEMANTH9AF. We both get $20 credit]  We introduced each other and conversation goes like this: Driver:  what technology you work on? Me: Mainframes. Driver: …

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