Master the Mainframe

The Master

Have you heard of Master the Mainframe contest?

Its a contest that encourages students to develop mainframe skills.  Its part of IBM z System Academic which provides mainframes training and resources to students at schools worldwide. These contests are hosted around the world. If you don’t have a contest near your region, you can participate remotely.

Who can participate?
Anyone who is currently a student enrolled in high school or university  can participate. Prior experience or knowledge of  mainframes is not required.

What are contest rules?
There are 3 parts to this contest. To achieve the top spot, you need to pass all 3 parts of the contest.

Part 1 is about the learning the basics. IBM provides all necessary materials to get you started. You will be given easy to follow instructions.  You will download emulators to access the operating system.

Part 2 is all about practice. You will be exposed to practical experience.  You will get hands on experience working with JCL,SDSF,RACF etc.  You also get familiarized with programming langugages such as Assembler, C, COBOL and Java.

Part 3  Finally you will get to work on real world projects. You will be judged on how you solve the challenges.

If you are looking to dive into mainframe technologies, I suggest you take a look at this great opportunity. You will get to know a technology that you had never seen anything like this before!

For more information, check master the mainframe


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