Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 1


In this series, we will discuss various topics related to mainframe z/OS problem diagnosis. In this article part1, I will give an overview fundamentals and in later articles we will discuss in depth.

To diagnose a problem, mainframe provides you with logs, dumps, traces and messages.

  • Logs
    • Console log
      Messages issued at console intended for operator.
    • SYSLOG
      SYSLOG is a SYSOUT data set provided by JES.  It contains all messages related to WTL macros, LOG operator command etc
    • Job Log
      All relevant messages related to the job are recorded in this log.  Programmer specifies the system output class at MSGCLASS  JCL parm.
      Operational Log (OPERLOG)  is a MVS system logger that records messages from programs and system functions from each system in SYSPLEX.  Use OPERLOG instead of SYSLOG if you need recordings from all systems in SYSPLEX.
    • Hard copy log
      Records all system message traffic and is usually written to SYSLOG
    • Logrec
      Logrec is an MVS system logger that records hardware failures, selected software errors
  • Dumps – System generates dumps when a severe occurs
    • Abend dump
    • SNAP dump
    • Stand alone dump
    • SVC dump
    • SLIP dump
  • Traces – Trace collects information on ongoing events.
    • CTRACE – Component Trace
    • MTRACE – Master Trace
    • SYSTRACE  – System Trace
    • GFS trace – Getmain/ Freemain Trace
    • SMS trace
  • Messages
  • Tools
    • IPCS
      Its interactive tool that you can use to format and analyze dumps, traces.

In next set of articles in this series we will go through these in great level of details. Stay tuned.

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