Mainframe Mobile Apps

Here is the list some of Mainframe mobile Apps, that you might be interested in.  I personally use the Redbooks app, Doc Buddy, and SHARE


  • IBM Redbooks 
    Redbooks app lets you access Redbook publications. Redbooks offer excellent information on various mainframe topics.  It is now available via App.
  • IBM Doc Buddy
    If you ever wanted to lookup quickly about a message, then Doc Buddy is your best buddy.  This app enables to retrive z systems message documentatio.
  • IBM myHMC
    myHMC is app that lets you connect and monitor your HMCs. The dashboard on this app lets you qickly review the health of the your machine.  You can monitor LPARs, Resource Groups etc
  • SHARE, inc
    SHARE is an independent volunteer drive information technology assosication that provides education, professional networking espcailly on mainframe area.  This app give you all the details you need about SHARE including sessions information etc. Must have app if you frequent SHARE
  • IBM zEvent
    IBM zEvent is a notification and monitoring app for IBM z/OS systems that enables to quickly react to critical system messages, failures and resources shortages.


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