Top reads for the week 5/26

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had great time with friends and family the long weekend! We had fantastic time together with the family.

Here are some interesting reads I enjoyed reading….

Open Mainframe Project Launches Annual Summer Internship to Help Train the Next Generation of Mainframe Engineers


The Open Mainframe Project
 (OMP), an open source initiative that enables collaboration across the mainframe community to develop shared tool sets and resources, announced the launch of this year’s internship program with 9 global students.

Each intern will be paired with mentors from Open Mainframe Project member organizations such as Red Hat, IBM, Sine Nomine Associates and SUSE who designed a project to address a specific mainframe development or research challenge.

This year, almost 100 applicants applied, which is a 43% increase from 2018. As a result, OMP increased the number of interns to 9 with six projects including compliance engine, dockerHub development stacks, BoringSSL, Kubernates on Z and Zowe
, Open Mainframe Project’s framework that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications.

IBM Extends z/OS Toward DevOps Again


First, let’s cover the pricing. IBM has brought “Pay as you grow” type pricing to the mainframe. While owning a mainframe means you are already expending funds, the new model is designed to simplify licensing and adjust what you are paying based upon actual consumption

IBM signed on some of z/OS’s biggest developers to offer similar pricing with Broadcom, BMC and Compuware either joining with IBM or offering similar programs.

The ability to drop standard containers onto a z/OS partition and use them as an interface to traditional mainframe data/subsystems is huge from a DevOps perspective. This puts both the processing power of the mainframe and the stable data/subsystems into the DevOps cycle by allowing containers to be treated like any other container. 

SHARE Pittsburgh Preview: Greg Caliri on Measuring and Monitoring Performance


SHARE’s summer event, taking place this year in Pittsburgh from August 4-9, will offer more than 500 technical sessions and hands-on lab courses, featuring hot topics such as security, cloud technology, and data privacy. Among those presenting this year is Greg Caliri, who was named a SHARE Best Session Winner at the 2018 summer event in St. Louis.

At SHARE Pittsburgh, Caliri will present the session, “An Introductory Tutorial on SMF and RMF, and What to Do with It.” We spoke with him to get an understanding of who he is as a subject matter expert, what his session will touch on, and what attendees can expect to learn from it.

Just how secure are mainframes?


The days of mainframe security by obscurity are long gone. Everyone – especially hackers – knows that there are lots of valuable data sitting on mainframes. So, how aware are mainframe-using organizations about what it takes to secure all the components of a mainframe environment?

The survey found that 85 percent of companies say mainframe security is a top priority. Additionally, 95 percent cite the most concerning ramification of mainframe security is a breach of customer data.

61 percent say it is difficult to find the right personnel to manage mainframe security. Especially for mainframe environments, companies need specialized personnel who understand the security assessment data provided by the tools.

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