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Mainframe Survey: BMC Reveals Key Trends Shaping the Next Wave of Mainframe Success


Regardless of the survey respondents’ ages or roles, security and compliance were cited as top concerns, with 77% of participants saying they have had a finding or potential breach, and 92% reporting being audited every 2 years.

The ability to predict failures and issues was another big concern, with 70% of large shops reporting an unscheduled outage in the last 12 months

Four reasons why next-gen developers should want to work on the mainframe


To support those efforts, more forward-looking organisations are taking an equally innovative approach to their mainframe development environments, giving next-gen developers the freedom to work in the ways they feel most comfortable, with modern tooling. 

However, more recently, businesses have begun to automate more repetitive processes to improve efficiency whilst maintaining the high standard of quality the mainframe is renowned for

Mainframe organisations are increasingly taking steps to implement an open culture where change is welcomed to bridge the generational divide between experienced developers and their newer colleagues.

IBM’s new 53-qubit quantum ‘mainframe’ is live in the cloud


IBM has boosted its growing stable of quantum computers with a new 53-quantum bit (qubit) device, the most powerful ever offered for commercial use.

The new and still-to-be-named computer will sit in the company’s Quantum Computation Center in Poughkeepsie, New York State, which has recently turned into a hotbed for commercial development.

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