Weekly Interesting Reads 3/22

Here are some of the interesting reads from around the world on mainframe technology. I try to share weekly basis on the interesting news. Hope you like enjoy reading these.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Winners Announced for the 15th Annual Master the Mainframe Student Developer Competition


  • Over 25,000 students

    registered to compete for $150 cash gift cards, exclusive T-shirts, digital badges, entrance to the new Master the Mainframe (MTM) Talent Lounge community, travel stipends for IBM conferences, and $1,000 in educational scholarships.

  • Perhaps most importantly

    to the contest’s mission of promoting a positive sentiment of mainframes to Gen Z, 85% of participants responding said they liked mainframes

  • Master the Mainframe

    announced the winners of the annual student developer competition, powered by AngelHack and sponsored by IBM. Master the Mainframe just completed its fifteenth year of promoting mainframe skills and resources to students aged 13+ around the globe

Los Angeles migrates mainframe to California’s data center


  • The City of Los Angeles

    last month became the first local government in California to have its mainframe applications migrated to the state’s data center in Sacramento

  • The three-year $10.5 million deal marks

    a shift in the capabilities and resources of state and local governments, as the staff required to run mainframe systems become more scarce

  • Los Angeles relies on mainframe applications

    for public safety, networking, security operations and its core infrastructure.

Mainframe Modernization


  • Modernization continues to drive strategic business change

    Modernization as a vehicle for IT transformation and critical business change can take many forms with 53 percent of respondents planning to pursue initiatives aligned to application modernization and integration of COBOL systems.

  • Senior tech-focused roles are

    most likely to be seen as leading or influencing application modernization initiatives with 36 percent for CTOs and 33 percent for CIOs

  • The rolling four-hour average (R4HA)

    which impacts on the monthly license charge (MLC), results in many sites restricting what they can do or when they can do it in order not to impact on their R4HA monthly peak

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