Hello I am Hemanth.  A software Engineer with 12+ years experience developing innovate mainframes products.  My passion to solve challenges we face today ,through technology made me to fly from far east to hub of innovation – Silicon Valley, California sunny state.

Hemanth is a mainframe expert specializing in performance, capacity and workload management and holds 4 patents.  Hemanth writes regularly for many popular IT web sites and also on this site. He passionately speaks about mainframe technologies at various conferences, symposiums and user groups.  He worked on BMC Mainview for z/OS, CMF Monitor, Sysprog Services performance monitoring products and currently works on Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise (iCap) product which optimizes MLC cost.

Patent 1 Award from BMC CEO Peter Leav
Patent 2 award from BMC President Bill Miller
Patent 3 award from BMC Director Dale
Patent 4 award from Vice President

Did my bachelors in Computer Science and I decided to get masters degree from prestigious American university.  Wrote GRE and TOEFL exams, applied to few selected university, got acceptance from all universities.  On fall 2003, I joined NORTHERN ILLIONOIS UNIVERISITY (NIU) to pursue my master in computer science. (I will make separate detailed post on my journey to NIU)  NIU was one of few universities that offered excellent mainframes courses. Graduated from NIU with masters degree in 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed my mainframe course work at Northern Illinois University (NIU). I can’t underestimate the lasting impression I had from teachings of some of brilliant professors at NIU. As part of curriculum we developed a Student Operating System (SOS) using simulator that demonstrates various MVS internal architectural concepts. I joined BMC Software in 2005 after my graduation. My very first assignment was to rename the Mainview product from OS/390 to z/OS. It was fun researching various modules for name change. Since then I lead several projects on Main view for z/OS, CMF Monitor, Sysprog Services product lines. More recently I am working on Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise (iCap) product which optimizes MLC cost.

My hobbies –  Playing chess, Tennis, website building, flyer designs, vivid personal finances reader, Yoga, nature and best of all playing with daughter 🙂

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